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DL e-BOOK and Driving school in Finland


Welcome to DL -website. Here you can find some free training material in English. DL e-BOOK you can get from your driving school. Full version of DL e-BOOK include many videos and training material.




B Passenger car course 4 theory lessons, 10 driving lessons, and Risk awaraness course 4 + 4 lessons (driving in darkness and slippery training). Also you must do lot of independent studying in home. Driving examination is divided in to two parts: theory test and driving exam. 

- 4 theory lessons (45min), if no driving license earlier in Finland

- 10 driving lessons (50min)

- Risk awareness training = 4 theory lessons and 4 driving lessons

- Theory test and Driving exam


Stop -sign > You need to stop eventhough there are no traffic


Training phase - 24 months from driving test, if you have get your license before 2018 July 

Advanced phase (risk awareness -course) is to improve your ability to identify and avoid hazard situations in traffic. Also to improve your skills in ecologic driving. Advanced phase iclude a theory and 4 driving lessons. Most of the training is on slippery track. You must do Advanced phase inside 24 months after you have pass the Driving exam.


White triangle behind is warning sign in driving school car.

To get a driving  license you need a permission from Traficom / Ajovarma = 35,00€. To get a permission for driving license you two passport -photos. 


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