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Driving order in junctions. 


1. Equal junction 


Right side first

You must give away the one on your Right side. No matter where he will continue. Equal junciton is very common but only when speed limits are about 30 - 40km/h. When speed limit is 50km/h there is warning sign before the junction area.



2. Junction with Yield sign


Give away from right and left

When you have Yield -sign (give away sign), you must give away all traffic on main street. So every one who are driving from left or right side.



3. Traffic lights


You can drive to junction when you get the Green light. But if you Turn to left there might be oncoming traffic in a junction at the same time with you. Also there might be pedestrians and cyclists on zebra crossing after the turning. 

If there is an arrow light you have free road also when you turn. When traffic lights are switch Off, You don´t have to yield pedestrians or oncoming traffic.



4. Round about 


More often junctions are built to Round abouts. Round abouts are safer and help traffic to move faster.

When you join to round about you must give away all traffic inside there. Also remember to yield cyclists before you join in and leave out. You must signal to right when you leave the Round about.



5. Stop -junction 


You must stop and then yield all traffic on main street (left and right). You must stop always no matter of traffic situation and your vehicle have to stand still for moment.

Do stop on on white stop-line. If there is no stop-line, you must stop before the junction in a place where you can see all traffic on main street. Remember to stop before pedestrian crossing. 

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