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Parking rules. 


In Finland you can park your car in side of the city street, if there are no any prohibition signs. You must make sure that you won´t block another car or road exit and that you won´t park too close a tram lane.


No parking - traffic sign


When there is No parking traffic sign parking is not allowed. In this picture the white car is parked correct because additional (arrow down) mark that no park ends here. 



No stopping - traffic sign


You can´t stop or park after this traffic sign. Stopping is for example loading your car with cargo or passengers. Try to find place where stopping is possible.



Don´t park in front of a pedestrian crossing


Leave min. 5 meters to zebra crossing

When there is a pedestrian crossing, you must leave 5 meters safety distance before the pedestrian crossing. Also you can´t stop in front of a pedestrian crossing to leave or pick up passengers. White car is too close the pedestrian crossing.



Don´t park your car in the middle of junction area


Never park your car in junction area or 5 meters to closer to that. White car is not parked correctly.



When you park your car drive always slowly. It´s advisable to reverse your car in to parking place.


Watch videos from Youtube:

Parrellel parking =

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