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Driving examination. 


Driving exam include Theory test and Driving exam in traffic.


Theory test

Include 50 images, 15 questions and 5 special risk question. To pass the theory test you can do maximum 4 mistakes in questions, 1 in special risk quesitions and 7 mistakes in images. It´s possible to do theory test with out 30 minutes time limit, if English, Finnish or Swedish is not your mother language, but test is then 94€ (normally 35€). And then you can also take a translator with you.



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Driving exam

Is normal driving in traffic. Driving test time is totally about 60 minutes. Include driving in all normal traffic situations (city, highway and parking). One big mistake is reason to fail the exam (for example no stopping on STOP -sign). If you drive to incorrect direction, where it´s allowed to drive, it´s not a mistake. After the driving exam you will get the feedback and result of the test.


In test you need to drive independently, smoothly, ecologic and social way. 


You need driving school car with extra pedals to do the driving exam. You can rent a car for driving test from your driving school. If you fail the test you can book another test when there are available times. Each driving test is 90€ for Ajovarma / Trafi.


Some common major mistakes:

- Driving throught red lights 

Also you must stop on yellow light.

- Changing the lane with out proper observation

Correct technic > indicator - mirror - blind spot - change the lane. Use only one lane. Mostly in Finland streets are two-way roads (there are some one-way roads), drive on the right side.

- Incorrect driving order

When you have a yield -sign, you must give away all traffic on main road. In Equal junction you have to give away traffic from your right side (slow down and watch well). 

- Ignoring Stop -sign

On Stop -sign you must stop no matter if there are no any traffic. You have to stop on a white stopping line (if there is one) or place where you can see.

- Driving too near another vehicle

You must leave 3 - 4 seconds safety distance infront of you. Don´t drive too near parked vehicles.

- Weak observation of cyclists and pedestrians

Before you turn you must check that there are no any cyclists or pedestrians. When pedestrian is about to stepping to zebra crossing or is on it, you must give away for him.

- Joining to highway - driving too slowly

In driving exam you also have to drive on a motorway or big highway. When you join to highway you must speed up.



CLICK > Watch video - Theory test


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