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Traffic signs in Finland. 



Check Road signs and other devices

of traffic control in Finland pdf -file 



Traffic signs in picture:

1. Pedestrian crossing

(Traffic sign Group = Special Regulation signs)


2. No turning to left 

(Traffic sign Group  = Prohibition and restriction signs)


3. Traffic divider 

(Traffic sign Group = Compulsory signs)


Built up area


When Urban area (built-up area) start speed limit is automatically 50km/h. Except if there is a speed limit that tells different limit. When the Urban area ends limit is 80km/h.




When you join to motorway you must always give away. On motorway it is not allowed to stop, park or make a u-turn. If your car broke down, you can only tow the car away from the first possible exit (if towing a vehicle speed limit is 60km/h). Left lane is only for overtaking, normally you have to drive on right side.


Join to motorway with suitable speed. Speed up on speeding lane to same speed that other drivers do drive, so you safely and easily to join to motorway. When you take exit out, first change to slow down lane and then you can slow down your driving speed.



You can find all traffic signs from next PDF -file 



Or web site if you first select the traffic sign group and then move the mouse on it


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