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Theory test. 




- Theory test include 10 questions and 50 images

- You have 30 minutes time to answer to all questions

- You can do the test in any Ajovarma offices in Finland - 31€


To pass the theory test you can do maximum 3 mistakes in questions and 7 mistakes in images. It´s possible to do theory test with out 30 minutes time limit, if English, Finnish or Swedish is not your mother language, but test is then 94€ (normally 31€). And then you can also take a translator with you.



You can buy codes for training program. is similar as real theory test. Buy codes from Autokoulu Eco - Meriusva 1, ESPOO 050 5525198. 




You can buy codes for Netreeni from this page. Codes for 2 weeks are 8€. 



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