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Driving in difficult conditions. 



In Finland we have short summer and very long winter time. Already in October there might be slippery roads and darkness falls down early.

Best way to drive safely is keep suitable situation speed. Remember: If you slow down your driving speed a quarter braking distance is getting down about half.

For example:

Speed 80km/h = brake distance 27m

Speed 60km/h = brake distance 15m


You can test Stopping distance in here:


You must use Winter tyres from December to February

Most drivers in Finland use studded winter tyres. You can use studded winter tyres from beginning of November to end of March or to next Monday after the Easter Monday. Also you can use studded tyres if weathers required. With Non-studded winter tyres there are time limits.

You can read more tyres from here


ABS -brakes help you to control better your car. Remember that ABS -brakes won´t make braking distance shorter, but you can brake and steer at the same time.



Use High beam lights always when you drive on a dark road where there is no street lights or other vehicles infront of your car. With high beam lights on you can see more than 100 - 150 meters a way, but with Dipped beam lights (low beams) you can only see about 50 meters.


1. Driving lights off

2. Parking lights

3. Driving lights (dipped beam lights) 

To switch High beams push or pull indicator level


If you must stop your car on a dark road, switch on parking lights. And danger situation also hazard indicators (warning indicators). You can use hazard indicators only when your car is not moving. Take warning triangle about 100 - 200 meters a way from your car.


When you walk on a street in night time you should wear a Reflector. Check from this animation how the Reflector helps.




Check instructions to drive in difficult conditions from Liikenneturva:


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