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Drive safely. 



253 persons did died traffic accidents in Finland in 2016. Most accident are caused when driver does mistakes and not concentrating for driving.



Fasten your seat belt

Cars today do have many Active safety devices that prevent accidents. For example Blind spot warning, lane assist and automatic braking are good help to prevent accident. But still we need Passive safety devices as airbags and seat belts. You must use Seat belt always when you are in car. Also you must use seat belt on back seat of car. < Read more of seat belt



Situation speed and safety distance


When you drive on the road keep min. 3 - 4 second safety distance to car in front. So if driving speed is 80km/h good safety distance is about 80 meters. Driver have to be able to stop his car in all situations. You must select suitable situation speed for driving.

Check how speed affects for stopping your car. You can also try different road surfaces.


When you drive - Drive


Remember to concentrate driving when you drive. You can´t use mobile phone or tablet when you are driving. Normal reaction time is about 1 second but if you are using your phone your reaction time might be many times longer. < Read more





Drinking and driving is not allowed. Even little bit alcohol might cause dangerous situations. If you Alcohol limit in is over 0,05%, you are quilty drive intoxicated. You will get fines and you will lost your driving license for certain time. < Read more


Elk animals


Most elk animal accidents do happens in autumn at dusk and dawn. Also summer time there have been many accidents.


Read more Wildlife animals from Liikenneturva




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