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Car handling. 


Initial preparations

First adjust the 1. Seat and 2. Mirrors. Remember to fasten your 3. Seatbelt.


1. First adjust the height of the seat so your eyes are in middle of the windscreen.

2. Adjust the distance so that you can reach down the clutch pedal.

3. When you move angle of back of the seat you can reach to steering wheel.


Why you should drive with out winter jacket?

Watch video in Youtube


Car control devices


Get to know the controls with the help of the Car Manual book.


1. Fuel

2. Speed

3. Revolution counter

4. Temperature of engine

5. Parking brake is on

6. Door is open 

Warning lights video from Youtube

Before you move off, check that there are no any red warning indication lights on.



When you start the engine, you should always push the clutch pedal all down and shift the gear to neutral. Turn the ignition key clockwise. 


To move off - Keep the clutch pedal down and shift to 1. gear. Press the accelerator gently (about 1500 rpm) and then you can lift the clutch pedal carefully to "bite" point. On "bite" point car start to moving and you should keep the clutch steady until speed is about 10km/h.


Uphill start - Keep the clutch and brake pedal all down. Find the clutch pedal to "bite" point, car shakes a little bit. If shaking is strong, engine will switch off. Keep the clutch steday and realese right foot of the brake pedal. 


Here are some Videos from Youtube:


When you drive rest your left foot on the left side of the clutch pedal - not on the pedal. 


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